Learn Fresh and NBA: A Decade of Impactful Partnership

“Our partnership with NBA Math Hoops has been phenomenal and a real benefit to young kids on their learning journey. We look forward to many more years of working together and bringing fun into the class room through the game of basketball.” - Barbara Bush, Vice President of Social Responsibility

As Learn Fresh proudly celebrates over a decade of collaboration with the NBA, WNBA, and NBA Cares, it's a moment to reflect on the incredible journey and impact achieved through this enduring partnership. What began as a shared vision to harness the power of basketball to inspire learning has blossomed into a transformative force in communities worldwide.

The NBA’s commitment to Learn Fresh’s development was, and remains, rare in the world of professional sports. The league provided our organization with the support needed to thrive as a startup entity, as well as the freedom to experiment with programming, embrace failure, and grow into a nationally successful entity. There are few established companies, let alone globally respected sports leagues, that embrace the pursuit of social innovation as the NBA has done with Learn Fresh.

The most remarkable achievement of this partnership is the international scale of the NBA Math Hoops program, which has catalyzed a new approach to math learning in classrooms and the out-of-school time community. Through engaging gameplay and NBA-themed curricula, NBA Math Hoops has made learning math fun and accessible for students of all backgrounds. Over the past decade, this program has been implemented in thousands of schools around the world, empowering students to develop critical math skills while fostering a love for the game of basketball.

Moreover, the collaboration between Learn Fresh and NBA Cares has extended far beyond the classroom walls. Together, we have spearheaded numerous community outreach initiatives, leveraging the influence of NBA players and teams to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underserved youth. Through initiatives like the NBA Cares State Farm Youth Assist Tracker and The Achievery created by AT&T, the partnership has left an indelible mark on communities, instilling hope and opportunity where it's needed most.

"Our partnership with the NBA epitomizes the fusion of sports and education, creating pathways for youth empowerment and academic success. Together, we've championed innovative programs that inspire learning, instill confidence, and foster a love for education through the universal language of basketball." - Nick Monzi, CEO of Learn Fresh

As we celebrate the launch of our community-based programming with the NBA and its teams, we look forward to the next chapter of our partnership, filled with even greater opportunities to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation. Together, Learn Fresh, the NBA, WNBA, and NBA Cares will continue to harness the transformative power of basketball to shape a brighter future for all. Here's to another decade of impact and innovation!