AMETEK's Transformative Partnership: Empowering STEM Education and Sustainability

In our journey to revolutionize STEM education and promote sustainability, Learn Fresh has been privileged to forge impactful partnerships with organizations that share our vision for a brighter future. Among these allies stands AMETEK, Inc., a global leader in industrial technology solutions, whose support in 2023 has significantly advanced our mission and expanded our reach.

Throughout 2023, AMETEK's commitment to philanthropy and innovation was vividly demonstrated through their partnership with Learn Fresh. The 2023 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship, a remarkable event that brought together 24 students from diverse backgrounds to engage in immersive STEM learning experiences. AMETEK's sponsorship not only made this event possible but also enriched the championship with cutting-edge demonstrations of their Phantom high-speed cameras, inspiring students with the wonders of technology.

Building upon the success of our collaboration, AMETEK joined forces with Learn Fresh to launch the pilot of our latest program EcoTour, an innovative educational board game designed to promote environmental sustainability and STEM literacy. This past December, Learn Fresh and AMETEK hosted an inaugural workshop providing students with an immersive EcoTour experience. The event provided students from Passaic Preparatory Academy with hands-on demonstrations that showcased how 3-D scanning technology can be used to enhance sustainability. Creaform, a business of AMETEK and leading provider of portable and automated 3D scanning solutions, highlighted their cutting-edge innovations and how they contribute to sustainability goals in industries like renewable energy and air and electric vehicle travel.

“Throughout AMETEK’s history, we’ve committed to making the world a better place through the products we innovate and the communities we serve,” said Nathan Kerns, Senior Manager, Public Relations and Corporate Communications at AMETEK.“ The AMETEK Foundation furthers this positive social impact. We are pleased to support Learn Fresh, which spotlights exciting STEM careers as viable paths to students, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate AMETEK innovations that make a safer, sustainable, and more productive world a reality.”

As we reflect on the impact of AMETEK's partnership, we are reminded of the profound influence that strategic philanthropy can have on shaping the future of education and sustainability. By investing in programs like NBA Math Hoops and EcoTour, AMETEK has not only empowered students with essential skills and knowledge but has also ignited a passion for innovation and environmental stewardship. Together, we are paving the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future, one where every student has the opportunity to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the world.