2024 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship Student & Educator Selections

Learn Fresh today announced the student and educator selections for the 2024 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship. The Global Championship–the flagship event of the NBA Math Hoops program–will take place June 25-28 in New York, NY during NBA Draft week, and will be co-hosted by Learn Fresh and NBA Cares.

May 14, 2024

New York, NY - Learn Fresh today announced the student and educator selections for the 2024 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship.

The NBA Math Hoops Global Championship is the flagship event of the NBA Math Hoops program, convening students from across the US and around the world for three days of competition, learning, and fun. This year’s event will take place June 25-28 in New York, NY in conjunction with the 2024 NBA Draft, with participants drawn from over 206,000 students who participated in NBA Math Hoops programming during the 2023-24 school year. Throughout the event, students will participate in STEM activations with key partners, explore New York City, and compete to be named NBA Math Hoops Global Champion.

The 2024 Global Championship will feature teams of students from across the U.S. including Puerto Rico, as well as teams from Australia. In addition, three students will travel from Melbourne, Australia to represent The Huddle, the community arm of the North Melbourne Football club, where students have participated in NBA Math Hoops programs since 2021.

The 2024 Global Championship marks the eleventh year of NBA Math Hoops programming and the sixth in-person edition of the season-culminating event. Learn Fresh co-hosted previous editions of the NBA Math Hoops National Championship twice with the Golden State Warriors, once with the Detroit Pistons, and two years ago with the Sixers and Sixers Youth Foundation.

The 2024 Global Championship participants include nominees from the 2023-24 NBA Math Hoops season representing 16 NBA and WNBA markets. The participants reflect the diversity of NBA Math Hoops program students across the U.S., a nearly equal gender split (42% female-identifying, 58% male-identifying), and 89 percent in grades 4-6.

Months of gameplay culminate in the NBA Math Hoops Global Championship. To qualify for application to the Global Championship, students must play a minimum of 25 games of NBA Math Hoops and complete ten curriculum units over the course of a program season. Students must also display a high degree of growth through the program, a dedication to practicing good sportsmanship, and an ability to overcome adversity either inside or outside the classroom. Students meeting these criteria are nominated by their program educator to apply, and participants are selected from the pool of applicants.

Since 2012, NBA Math Hoops has served over 950,000 students in partnership with nearly 30 NBA and WNBA teams and founding partners including the NBA, Hasbro, and Getty Images.

2024 NBA Math Hoops Global Championship Participants:

- Christopher Aguilar — Gretna, LA — Pelicans Math Hoops

- Oscar Callahan — Detroit, MI — Pistons Math Hoops

- Daleyza Castellanos — Los Angeles, CA — Lakers Math Hoops

- Braylen Cook — Oklahoma City, OK — Thunder Math Hoops

- Landon Duhn — Ames, IA — Iowa (sponsored by Harrison and Brittany Barnes)

- Alayna Hong — Parma Heights, Ohio — Cavaliers Math Hoops

- Xavier Lara-Torres — Phoenix, AZ — Suns Math Hoops

- Caitlin Lees — Melbourne, Australia — The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club

- Lionel Lewis — Bay Area, CA — Warriors Math Hoops

- Ileana Mora-Gomez — Indianapolis, IN — Pacers Math Hoops

- Alice Nagel — Melbourne, Australia — The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club

- Harper Nein — Ovid, CO — Nuggets Math Hoops

- Ayden Neree — Little Rock, AR — LRSD Parent Student Engagement League

- Salvador Portilla — St. Petersburg, FL — STEM Next representing Florida Afterschool Network

- Camila Ramirez — San Antonio, TX — Spurs Math Hoops

- Emmily Ramos — Milwaukee, WI — Bucks Math Hoops

- Elliana Saeteurn — Sacramento, CA — Kings Math Hoops

- Zuri Smith — Philadelphia, PA — Sixers Math Hoops

- Joseph Soria — Anaheim, CA — Clippers Math Hoops

- Cooper Swofford — Portland, OR — Trail Blazers Math Hoops

- Orion Tian — Melbourne, Australia — The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club

- Amabella Torres Torres — Ponce, Puerto Rico — Bright Minds

- Kyree Vaughn Muse — Laurel, DE — Laurel Boys and Girls Club (sponsored by The Longwood Foundation)

- Noah Winston — Louisa, VA — Wizards Math Hoops

2024 Learn Fresh Outstanding Educators

- Mindy Green — Revere School District — Ovid, CO

- Jacob Gregory — Indianapolis Public Schools — Indianapolis, IN

- Corrin Haskell — Oakland Unified School District — Oakland, CA

- George Lee — LA’S BEST — Los Angeles, CA

About NBA Math Hoops

NBA Math Hoops delivers fundamental math and social-emotional learning through a basketball-themed board game in both physical and digital forms, a curriculum that builds math and social-emotional competencies, and a community program experience. The program explicitly targets students in grades 4-8 who have historically been underrepresented in STEM fields, including girls, students of color, and students from low-income communities. The NBA Math Hoops game features the real-life performance statistics and identities of all NBA and WNBA players, providing an exciting, culturally-relevant “hook” to engage students of all genders and ethnicities, and representing a highly diverse community of athletes in a data-rich learning environment. Through training and support, educators are equipped and empowered to implement the core program in school classrooms, out-of-school programs, or in the home learning environment. A series of community-based extracurricular program events help strengthen students’ understanding of connections between math and the real world and their awareness of STEM-related careers.

About Learn Fresh

Learn Fresh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative STEM learning experiences that empower educators and inspire students. Through community, play, and rigorous exploration, Learn Fresh programs leverage students’ passion for sports and entertainment to inspire their STEM and social-emotional learning. By bringing students’ genuine interests into the classroom, Learn Fresh programs foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

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